Lucas Ventura


Lucas Ventura - professional session drummer and drum instructor. Drum lessons in the Boise Idaho region.


I suppose this is a PSA for other teachers. Over the past year I've been re-building the years of lessons I've taught in digital sheet music. It was always a big time sink writing and rewriting, or even copying music I'd previously written. And I'll tell you, my chicken scratch ain't the best looking notation out there by a long shot. Anyway, I'd been looking into purchasing Sibelius or some similar type of software, and frankly most of it was way beyond what I needed. But I came across Musescore, which is open source and free. I tend to be skeptical of such things functioning without serious bugs or limitations, but over the year or so I've been using it I've been nothing but thrilled with it.

Here's a link to their website: