Lucas Ventura


Lucas Ventura - professional session drummer and drum instructor. Drum lessons in the Boise Idaho region.

Boise ID

Welcome to my website!
I'm excited to finally have a representation of myself as a drummer on the internet. There have been many bands I've been a part of that have included my reflection as a part of the whole, but never something I've had that was just to represent myself individually. Similarly, I've often kept a web presence and blogs of different sorts in the past, but never something dedicated solely to my life as a drummer.

That being said, here is my obligatory first post.

I moved to Boise just recently, in October of 2014. I had been living in Los Angeles for the past twelve years as a professional musician (although some of those years were certainly more professional than others). Though I have always been playing in bands, I gradually shifted from being a teacher in LA to being a session player and touring drummer. For the past several years, my life was dedicated to being on the road touring.
My move here to Boise was a big change not just in leaving LA, but also in starting a new family. With that responsibility entering my life, touring doesn't make as much sense as it used to. So, that was a big reason for getting this website going- I decided to re-focus on teaching, as well as playing sessions.
Already my start out here has been a good one. I've been lucky to get some really great gigs with Magic Sword, Steve Fulton, and Jonathan Warren and the Billygoats. Some other cool gigs are coming together for summer and fall, too. And the first students I've signed up are absolutely ideal. They're excited about the instrument, do their homework, have very supportive parents, and are a real pleasure to teach!

All in all, it's a great start. I'm grateful to be in such a beautiful city. I still remember the first time I toured through Idaho, I never could have imagined I would end up living here! It just goes to show, you never can know where you're going to end up in life.

Thanks for taking a look at my website, and I hope to see you soon.