Lucas Ventura


Lucas Ventura - professional session drummer and drum instructor. Drum lessons in the Boise Idaho region.

King Washington

A few years ago I got to do a really cool album with this band King Washington. I've been buddies with George, Tyson, and Billy all for quite awhile. Tyson and I had become friends when I was in one of my first bands in LA. I actually dated Billy's sister many years ago, and she as well as George were band members in my group RACES. So we had all been friends and musically respected each other for awhile before they invited me to come with them to Milwaukee to track what became The Overload.

I ended up not joining as a permanent member of the band because I was still active and busy with RACES, but I played several shows with them after the album, including the album release show for The Overload. It really was a great time making the album and playing with those guys!

Right now the guys are on a really cool tour opening for Collective Soul (remember them?!), and will be coming through Boise next week. Check out the album above, or consider making it out to the show to support them. They're a great bunch of guys and man, they nail those three-part harmonies like bands used to before auto-tune!