Lucas Ventura


Lucas Ventura - professional session drummer and drum instructor. Drum lessons in the Boise Idaho region.


Lucas Ventura began drumming at the age of thirteen, inspired by the wave of early 90's music icons like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Smashing Pumpkins. After years of study and play, he started playing with reggae, R&B, and rock groups in Phoenix AZ. In his late teens, he began working at a local music shop, first selling drum kits, and soon began teaching and building a student base. After years of private study, gigging, and teaching, Lucas relocated to Los Angeles to pursue his musical career.

For over a decade, Lucas taught, played and toured in various musical groups, and recorded several albums, both with personal projects and as a session drummer, including Frenchkiss label band RACES. Having toured the US a dozen times over, worked with some of the best musicians and producers in the industry, and established himself as a player in numerous successful bands in the Los Angeles music scene, Lucas has much to offer as a session player and instructor.

Currently, Lucas is an active session drummer and music instructor living with his family in Boise, Idaho.


Photographer: Megan J Carroll


Festival: Silverlake Jubilee, Los Angeles CA 2011